Boiler Maintenance Tips

Boilers are expensive appliances, so you need to make yours last for as long as possible. It can be hard to know how to care for your boiler, especially if you aren't sure exactly how it works, so they are often left unprotected all year round. However, there are several easy steps when it comes to boiler maintenance, so keep reading to find out how you can prepare for the winter!

Bleed your radiators

Bleeding your radiators releases any trapped air within your system, helping the hot water to circulate as it should. It is an easy process that can be learnt through a DIY video on YouTube. Once you have bled them, you should feel a difference instantly in the temperature of your home.

Lag your pipes

When you lag your pipes, you are protecting them from the cold weather- preventing them from freezing over and bursting. This saves you a lot of hassle, as no one wants a burst pipe in the middle of winter. Pipe lagging is available in ready-made tubes, and it can be brought from any DIY shop. It only costs a few pounds but it offers years of protection.

Check your boiler pressure

Your boiler pressure gauge should read between 1 and 1.5 bar, when all is running smoothly. If it is any lower than this, then you will need to top it up using the instructions given by your manufacturer. If you often find that your boiler pressure has dropped, then it may be necessary to call out a gas engineer to take a look at what is going on.

Get your boiler serviced

You should get your boiler serviced every year, as this is key to avoiding any problems. The best time to book in is towards the end of summer, so we can ensure you won't run into any issues when you switch your boiler on at the start of winter. Annual boiler servicing is always a good idea, so book your home in today!

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