Boiler Servicing Benefits

Think of a boiler service like an MOT. A boiler needs to be checked with regards to its safety, first and foremost and its efficiency; is it operating to its optimum standard? If answered no to any of these questions, a heating engineer can make the required changes and you’ll have a safe/efficient boiler in no time. We’ve discussed these benefits and more in further detail below…

What is included in a boiler service?

-   Check for gas/water leakages

-   Assess whether the gas is set to the correct/safe pressure level

-   Ensure that all components (storage tanks, moving parts) and casings are working as should be

-   Provide a comprehensive clean of the boiler parts as required

The benefits

Reduce energy bills

We’re confident that this is the benefit that our customers care about most, that’s why we’ve put it at the top of our list. Gas Safe Registered heating engineers can check to see if your boiler is operating to its optimum standard and delivering the results that your money is paying for. If it isn’t, we can make the required fixes and set you on your way to lowering your energy bills, surely a worthwhile benefit during the wintertime?

Reduce downtime

When a boiler is serviced, the entire boiler is checked to make sure that there aren’t any problems that are likely to cause some trouble in the future. Not only will this mitigate the need for an expensive boiler repair, it will also reduce downtime whilst you wait for your boiler to be repaired. You needn’t worry about a cold home or cold showers with a regular boiler service.

Maintain the boiler guarantee

Most boiler manufacturers offer extended guarantees with their boilers. For instance, because we’re Baxi approved, we can offer a 10-year no-catch guarantee on a number of Baxi combination boilers. However, the guarantee also states that the boiler must be serviced at least once a year. Surely this is a worthwhile benefit so you can have complete peace of mind for years to come?


In 2013, the UK Department of Health found that over 4,000 people were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning over the course of the entire year, where most of these treatments came as a result of faulty central heating systems, directly attributed to a faulty boiler. Get your boiler serviced and ensure that you are not one of those unfortunate people.

Landlords, it’s a legal requirement

If you are a landlord, it is a legal requirement to get your boiler and all gas-enabled appliances within the property checked and serviced at least once per year. The benefit? Stay in compliance with the law and avoid a hefty fine or worse.

If you would like to get in touch to book a boiler service, please get in touch. We cover the whole of South Tyneside. You can fill out the contact form on the contact page of our website or you can give us a call on 07985 742 359. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.