DIY? Hire A Professional Plumber Instead

We understand how tempting DIY plumbing can be, but we’d argue that it’s always best to hire a professional plumber...

Save time

Whether it’s the repair of a broken pipe or a faulty non-flushing toilet, the unblocking of a blocked drain or the installation of a new sink, bath or shower, plumbing work takes time. Spend that time elsewhere and concentrate on the more important things in life.

Besides, professionals plumbers like us have spent years in the trade, so it’s likely that we can finish the job in almost half the time. Save the stress and hire a plumber in Jarrow instead.

Spot other plumbing problems

Professional plumbers have the knowhow to spot areas that might cause problems further down the line, something that you can’t guarantee if you do it yourself.

Plumbing equipment

Quality plumbing equipment is expensive. Why invest in equipment that you’ll never likely see or use again for one plumbing job? Hire a professional plumber and allow them to use their equipment instead. Not to forget, plumbers have the equipment ready for an emergency situation, should such a situation ever arise, which brings us onto our fourth point…

Emergency situations

Understand what your local plumbing expert can and can’t do; it might just be crucial in an emergency situation. We’d also advise that you never attempt to repair a plumbing emergency on your own. The cost of hiring a professional plumber will likely equate to the same costs of water wastage if you attempt, but fail to solve the problem at hand.

Expert advice

Here at Martin Whitehead Heating Services we’re more than happy to offer our advice after we’ve gone. If you’ve got concerns about other plumbing areas, you can always give us a call. It’s good to have somebody that you can rely on should you ever need advice.

More than just a plumber

Most plumbers offer other services and can be on hand for other things in your home. For instance, here at Martin Whitehead Heating Services we can install new boilers, service and repair existing boilers and can install underfloor heating and unvented cylinders too. Whilst a plumber is attending your plumbing needs, why not talk to them about their other services and get the full works?

If you need to hire a professional plumber in Jarrow, South Tyneside, please get in touch. You can fill out our contact form or you can give us a call on 07985 742359. Remember to jot this number down so you can get a hold of us in an emergency.