Why Install A Baxi Boiler?

When choosing a new boiler you need to consider a couple of things: Which type of boiler should I have installed? How much can I expect to pay for a new boiler? And which boiler brand should I go for? This post is centred on the final question, why should you choose a Baxi boiler as your new boiler?

Innovative boilers

Baxi boilers have innovative features that make them stand out against the rest…

First, they have introduced the MegaFlo Unvented Cylinder, which helps increase water pressure throughout the home. You’ll no longer need to stand around waiting for the shower to get you soaked; instead, you can be in and out in no time.

Second, Baxi boilers have an extra long twin-flue, giving you greater flexibility with regards to the position of the boiler. For instance, if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen and would like to move the boiler into a different room, you can do this with a Baxi boiler.

Third, Baxi boilers are exceptionally quiet, meaning you can concentrate and listen to the more important things in life.

Extended boiler guarantees

As a Baxi Approved Installer we can offer extended guarantees on selected boilers after installation, meaning you could be completely covered for all parts and labour for an entire 10 year period, giving you fantastic peace of mind. Of course, the extended guarantee is dependent on a yearly boiler service. A yearly boiler service has benefits in it’s own right, which we’ve already covered in a previous post.

Baxi boilers are good value

Baxi boilers are competitively priced in comparison to some of their competitors. You could buy a Worcester-Bosch at £1280 with a 5-year guarantee (as of January 2018) or you could buy a mostly equivalent Baxi EcoBlue Advanced Combi 33 Gas boiler at £1100 with a complimentary 10-year guarantee. You can save money and benefit from all of the features outlined above.

Baxi brand

Baxi are a well-established UK-based boiler brand. Not only will you buying British, you can also have confidence that parts needed for repairs will be considerably easy to source, meaning you won’t be without a boiler for weeks on end.

If you would like to get a new Baxi boiler installed and live in Jarrow or anywhere across South Tyneside, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can fill out our contact form or you can give us a call on 07985 742359. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.